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    Give a fork

    Give a Fork!

    Sustainable Table have launched their first ever inaugural Give a Fork! campaign, this year focussing on the issue of seafood and sustainability. Here they share the story behind the campaign and how to get involved:

    The story behind Give a Fork!

    Our dream is to unite passionate people to share the important messages around our food system. We want to do it in a fun and non-confronting way, because let’s face it, we’re all a little bit tired of the eye-rolls we get for being that person at the dinner party who asks if the chicken is free range or politely declines the factory farmed pork chop.
    Give a Fork! is the perfect way to engage passionate people as well as their friends and families with those prickly issues in a relaxed and fun way.

    This year’s theme is sustainable seafood.

    We chose seafood because it’s one of the least understood areas of our food system, despite the ocean sustaining life on our planet, delivering half of our oxygen and providing an estimated $20 trillion worth of natural resources and services a year.

    Pred fish

    Here’s how it works…

    Get a group of friends together during 7-14th of October and host a sustainable seafood dinner party. Hosts will receive a free host pack and all the resources to cook a delicious sustainable seafood dinner. Some of the resources in the pack include; a Sustainable Seafood e-Cookbook, A Fishy Business DVD to show on the night (6 mins), 5 Steps to Sustainability placemats, a Switch your Fish guide and much more.

    Get hooked on the issues so that you can make ethical and environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to consuming seafood.  Vegetarians can still participate (the e-Cookbook features a selection of vegetarian recipes) – as Barton Seaver once said, “Want to save more fish?  Eat more broccoli!”

    Ask your friends to donate what they would’ve spent on a night out. The money raised will help us continue our important work of building a fair and sustainable food system by providing endless free and helpful resources, educational events and by supporting sustainable development projects locally and abroad.

    Prizes will be awarded to the top three fundraising dinner parties:
    1st Prize – A sustainable goodie pack valued at $500
    2nd Prize – A sustainable goodie pack valued at $250
    3rd Prize – A sustainable goodie pack valued at $100
    If cooking is beyond your repertoire, check out the Participating restaurants instead!

    You can sign up to host a dinner party and receive a pack here:

    Sign me up

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