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  • Meat Free Mondays  »  About Us

    Meat Free Mondays Australia is part of a global community building a new positive approach to the way we eat meat.

    Meat Free Mondays – or Meatless Mondays as it’s known in some countries – first began  in the USA as a collaboration between not-for-profit organisation The Monday Campaign’s and the U.S. John Hopkins Bloomsberg School of Public Health.

    Struck by the need to do something about America’s growing health problem, The Monday Campaign’s Founder Sid Lerner was inspired to launch the campaign by WWI and WWII food conservation programs which ran under Presidents Wilson, Truman and and Roosevelt. These programs promoted voluntary meatless days and met with great success – some 10 million families, 7,000 hotels and nearly 425,000 food dealers pledged to observe national meatless days across America.

    With support from celebrities such as Oprah, the modern campaign has grown into a movement endorsed by a huge number of US councils, schools of public health, colleges and universities, school districts, catering organisations, hospitals, chefs and celebrities.

    As more and more people have become conscious of the impacts of our current meat eating habits, the campaign has spread to over 23 countries around the world. The UK Meat Free Mondays is one of the campaign’s greatest success stories with support from high profile individuals such as Sir Richard Branson, Paul McCartney and Coldplay’s Chris Martin highlighting the value of eating less meat and how easy it can be.

    International municipalities that now actively promote the campaign include San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington in the USA, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Cape Town in South Africa, and Tel Aviv in Israel.

    Meat Free Mondays is now launched on our own shores to bring Australia into an exciting new global movement.

    To find out more about the worldwide Meat Free Monday story, head to Meatless Monday or contact us on