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    Single origin

    Solar-powered coffee hits Sydney

    Author | Eliza Ridley

    Surry Hills is renowned for its somewhat ‘trendy’ vibe, so it is not surprising that you would find Single Origin Roasters, a café trend setter by it’s own right, in the heart of Surry Hills.

    Within the confines of this cosy little café, which has created a name for itself by delivering great coffee with a sustainable conscience, you’ll be able to consume one of Single Origins own ethically roasted blends of coffee and feast on delicious options from their seasonal menu.

    Single Origin was founded in 2003 with a focus on creating fair trade, organic and sustainable coffee. Since then it has expanded its enterprise, not only sourcing high-grade coffee beans that are grown in a sustainable manner for café brewing, but also delivering single origin roasted beans to numerous environmentally-conscious cafes.

    The roast

    The coffee may be good, okay, great (this coming from a self-confessed tea-obsessed individual), but what really puts the cherry on top of their homemade muffins is the roasting method of their beans. Single Origin’s roasting plant in Botany is powered by solar panels. The roof of their Botany roast works is lined with 94 solar panels, which can be attested to generating enough power to offset Single Origin’s electricity usage between 7am and 2pm each day. This is considerably significant given 90% of roasting operations occur during this period

    Their philosophy? If the sun is “putting out 5800 degrees Celsius worth of energy, it should be put to work”.

    But does knowing the love going into the beans that make your coffee really matter? Well, perhaps it does considering Single Origins booming ‘Sideshow’ stall set up to satisfy the needs of takeaway customers without detracting from the vibe set up for dine-in patrons.

    A new system?

    And if that isn’t enough, Single Origin Roasters have now embarked on a new sustainability mission. Single Origin has recently adopted a milk dispensing system designed to more efficiently and more effectively distribute milk, reducing waste produced by their baristas.

    Milk for this system arrives in 10 litre bladders rather than the usual 2 litre bottles you would buy at the supermarket. As a result, using bladders of milk uses 80% less plastic than the using bottles. Moreover, the bladders are flat when emptied, saving space when deposited in bins, unlike their bulky counterparts.

    But Single Origin don’t just utilise this system at the expense of customer service. In fact, this system is two-pronged in the benefits it provides. The hands-free dosing method associated with the system effectively ensures that their baristas are spending less time opening, pouring from and crushing milk bottles and more time on what really matters: the coffee and the customers. This is particularly important for Single Origin takeaway coffee service as it minimises waiting time for customers.

    Needless to say Single Origin Roasters truly love their coffee. Their passion for sustainable living is infused in their freshly roasted coffee to create the ultimate morning pick-me-up. Check out their café at:


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