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    The Meat Free Monday Starter Kit

    Meat Free Mondays is about encouraging you to make simple, easy changes to what you eat on a Monday. We’ve made it even easier for you by breaking it down into 5 simple steps.

    1. Take the Pledge.

    Whether you love your planet, care about your health or simply love the feeling of jumping on the bandwagon, get involved in the campaign by taking the Meat Free Mondays pledge! By taking the pledge, you’ll be joining a stack of other Australians and a whole international community in saying ‘YES!’ to a simple, world changing idea.

    2. Share the Meat Free Monday love:

    Like all the best things in life, Meat Free Mondays are best when shared. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pets, let the world know you’re supporting the cause. And we don’t even say that JUST because we want the idea to grow (though we do!) . Having the support and involvement of your regular eating buddies will make doing Meat Free Mondays a breeze.

    3. Join us on Facebook:

    Social media can be a lonely, cutthroat world without friends. For a regular slice of Meat Free Monday delivered straight to your news feed, as well as delicious recipes, encouraging advice, creative approaches, great freebies and a host of other goodies, join us here. We’d love to be your friend.

    4. Be inspired:

    All the good intentions in the world sometimes won’t inspire so much as simply staring at a picture of double chocolate self-saucing pudding. If you’re a foodie or just love to cook, checking out fabulous recipes can be the key to MFM success. Get your tastebuds kicking by heading straight to our recipe sections and finding something amazing for your next Meat Free Monday.

    And if the way to your stomach isn’t through food but knowing you’re doing your bit for the world, head straight over to our facts section for all the inspiration you need for MFM.

    5. Go Meat Free On Monday!:

    There’s nothing left to do but go Meat Free on Monday. Remember to share your experiences with us on Facebook and get your friends and family involved by planning a lunch, dinner or party just for the occasion. We also love hearing stories from Meat Free Mondays around the country, so be sure to keep in touch.

    If you’d like more information on how to do Meat Free Mondays, do get in touch. Find us on Facebook or send us an email on 

    Meat Free Mondays