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    Blog 1

    Author | Veronica Heuzenroeder 

    Inspiration is often said to be the key to success, and here at Meat Free Mondays, we couldn’t agree more.

    For us, a successful Monday night dinner has lots of flavour, lots of colour and doesn’t take all the time in the world to make. So where do we find our inspiration?

    More often than not, we turn to our friends in the blogosphere. In the world of food blogs, there is certainly no shortage of ideas for great meat-free meals, and of course amazing images, that keep us going back for more. We love sharing, so the following are just a taste of some of our favourite local blogs to make your Meat Free Monday even easier.

    Veggie Num Num | Queensland

    curried-black-rice-soup-2 copy

    Photo credit: Veggie num num

    Hailing from the sunny south-east coast of Queensland, Trudy has well and truly earned her stripes as a meat-free eater, having begun her food journey 14 years ago. She’ll show you a great mixture of salads, hearty vegetable meals, and delicious baked goods.  Some of her baking recipes even cater to vegan readers, such as her delicious Seeded Banana Bread with dried figs and Turkish apricots. For something a bit different, we love Trudy’s Curried Black Rice Soup with Green Veggie and Silken Tofu.

    He Needs Food | NSW


    Photo credit: He Needs Food

    A man of few words, this ex-chef turner blogger showcases his talent for finding great food wherever he goes, and documenting the evidence with envy inducing images. Not all his recipes are meat free, but those that are look too easy not to make. The blogger’s ‘chefy’ skills are also well on display with his use of texture and unique flavour combinations. If you love your food colourful, check out this amazing Salan masala cauliflower using purple and green versions of the normally achromatic vegetable.

    Aficionado | NSW 


    Photo Credit: Aficionado

    Another blog focusing on the picturesque in life. Follow this Sydneysider’s travels around the world, capturing moments catalysed by food in daily life. You’ll experience Deep fried mars bars in Edinburgh, festival salads in midsummer Sweden and foraging through woodlands for herbs and greens. Recipes are an occasional feature on the blog, and of beautiful simplicity when they are. Throw together the Spring Pea Pasta for a light meal with only 6 ingredients.

    Cook Republic | NSW 


    Photo credit: Thoughts from Ajoy

    It’s easy to see why Cook Republic is a winner in the world of Australian food blogs. Rich in imagery, colour and ideas, this creative food playground for designer, food photographer and stylist Sneh Roy has been nationally recognised, winning the Best Australian Blog Competition of 2013. Sneh’s collection of meat-free recipes is something to marvel at, offering a host of irresistible options from these French Lentil Garlic Patties and Moroccan Spice Chickpea and Spinach to wonderfully textured Savoury Buckwheat Omelettes and Spinach and Cheese Curry (Palak Paneer). These are recipes to win over any devout meat eater.

    Citrus and Candy | Australia 

    postre chaja pavolva copy

    Photo credit: Citrus and Candy

    We all love a little sugar in our lives, so we’ve tossed in this sweet option for dessert inspiration after you’ve enjoyed your wholesome vegie meals. You’ll find classics like Red Velvet Cake, and plenty of worldly inspiration from Milan CookiesMalaysian Pineapple Tarts and Russian Teacakes. This Aussie’s influences even span as far as Uruguay, with this fusion of Australian pavlova and the traditional Uruguayan dessert, Postre Chaja.

    Stay tuned for our next instalment and find out which international food bloggers inspire us on Meat Free Mondays.

    Meat Free Mondays