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    Image credit: Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

    What can we do to make good things GROW?

    Author | Oxfam Australia

    We know that creating a future where everyone has enough to eat presents an enormous challenge. It’s going to mean changing the beliefs and practices of businesses, governments and most importantly, each of us. Here’s how together, we can make it happen.

    How can the Australian Government make good things GROW?

    Prioritise aid to small-scale food producers, especially women.

    • Work to protect the rights of small-scale food producers, especially women, to land and natural resources.
    • Invest in research and development that fosters an ecological approach to agriculture; sustainably using land, water, energy and fertilisers.
    • Agree to a global deal on climate change that stops excessive greenhouse gas emissions from devastating food production
    • Address food price volatility by integrating food and social protection priorities within the aid budget, and by championing improved governance at the G20.

    How can Australian businesses make good things GROW?

    • Ensure supply chains enforce the rights of small-scale food producers
    • Commit to living wages to ensure workers don’t go hungry as food prices rise
    • Respect the rights of small-scale food producers to land and natural resources
    • Pioneer a new ecological approach to agriculture; sustainably using land, water, energy and fertilizers, and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

    How can we make good things GROW?

    Practical positive change starts with each one of us:

    • Be informed and learn more about food justice issues
    • Eat sustainably – so that we can reduce chemicals and restore the health of our lands and water systems
    • Reduce food waste – so we’re making the most of the precious resources that go into making food
    • Support small scale farmers – choose products that ensure small farmers get a fair deal
    • Cook smart –  to cut down on wasted water and energy
    • Buy food that’s in season –  to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions
    • Eat less meat and dairy – to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and water use
    • Join Oxfam in pressing governments and companies to fix our broken food system
    • Stay tuned for updates, more information and opportunities to GROW:

    Oxfam Australia works to bring about positive change in the lives of people living in poverty. Oxfam’s GROW campaign is working to change the fact that almost 870 million people go to bed hungry every night, not because there isn’t enough food, but because of deep injustices in the global food system. Oxfam has contributed articles on Fair Trade and Food Security to the Foodwise website.

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