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    Nude Food Day is back in 2013

    Author | Nutrition Australia

    National Nude Food Day is back in 2013 and will be the most engaging, beneficial and fun event to date.

    Held on Wednesday 16 October in partnership with Nutrition Australia and supported by Smash’s Nude Food Movers lunch gear, Nude Food Day will be exploding throughout schools and workplaces Australia wide.

    This year, Nude Food Day:

    • tackles two of Australia’s biggest and growing concerns: excess landfill, and childhood obesity levels
    • will attempt a Guinness World Record to get students participating in physical activity for a healthy body
    • works in conjunction with Nutrition Australia and National Nutrition Week to encourage healthy eating for a healthy body
    • encourages Australian children to get active for life, as less than half of Australian children meet the physical activity guidelines of at least 60 minutes per day

    Nude Food Day encourages Australians to pack healthy, natural lunches and snacks without the use of any disposable wrapping. The annual event’s participation will be massive this year, with an expected 2,500 schools and one million Australians set to participate.

    Schools can choose to run a ‘Healthy Body’ or ‘Healthy Planet’ event on the day with suggestions and resources for schools available at These events aim to get Australian families really motivated to make a difference. They also provide the opportunity to raise funds for schools and win some great Smash Gear sporting equipment.

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    What isn’t there to love about Nude Food Day? Not only is it a powerful educational tool for Australian kids to learn about the health of our planet, it also contributes to the decrease in childhood obesity throughout Australia, and promotes healthy activity for the whole nation. Coinciding with National Nutrition Week once again, this is a brilliant opportunity to help kids learn about important issues in a genuinely fun way.

    “Nude Food Day is fun for families and holds a powerful underlying message. No matter how the event is integrated into the school or workplace, Nude Food Day proves that taking responsibility for our health and the health of our planet can be fun and easy”, Elaine Schillinger, Head of Marketing and Product Development, Smash Enterprises.

    Australians use over 1.3 million tonnes of plastic each year which ends up in landfill.

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