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    About National Leftovers Day

    National Leftovers Day is an event encouraging Australians to love their leftovers and reduce food waste during the festive season and all year round.

    Launched in 2009 by not-for-profit organisation DoSomething!, National Leftovers Day shines a light on the $8 billion of food thrown out in Australia each year. It’s all about saving money and helping the environment by making the most of our food.

    The Facts on National Leftovers Day

    • Each year, Australians throw out $8 billion dollars worth of food. That’s 4 million tonnes of edible food being sent to landfill.
    • DoSomething! estimate that hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food will go to waste during the festive season, where food continues to be Australians the single biggest expenditure item.
    • Leftovers make up 27% of all food thrown out by Australian households. That’s second only to fruit and vegetables which account for 33%.
    • 450,000 garbage trucks worth of food is wasted in Australia each year.

    Christmas berries

    There are many different ways to be a part of National Leftovers Day:

    • Get Inspired | Find out what Australia’s favourite chefs will be cooking up with their leftovers to get inspired for National Leftovers Day this year. Check out their selections in our Christmas Special Meal Plans.
    • Get planning | Making a easy, simply plan for food during the festive season is the best way to save money and waste less. By knowing your numbers, writing (and sticking to!) a shopping list, and being realistic, you can have a delicious, generous Christmas, minus the waste. Check out the FoodWise Meal planner to get started.
    • Cook it up | Get into the kitchen and use up your leftovers. Whether it’s transforming them into a new meal or simply reheating, National Leftovers Day is about shining a light on these wonderful food resources. Christmas is a great time to get into good habits and set a trend for the coming year. Try making a personal pledge to waste less in the year ahead.
    • Get food safe | Make sure your food lasts as long as possible with the Food Safety Information Council’s handy holiday tips
    • Tell your friends | Share the word about food waste and what you’re doing to reduce it this festive season. You could plan a National Leftovers Day lunch to share your leftovers with friends, make them jealous with photos on social media
    • Join the community | Get great tips, delicious ideas and share your plans for the day by joining us on FoodWise Facebook. We’ll be sharing great recipes from your favourite chefs, useful advice and some festive cheer, all in the lead up till Christmas. Come say hi!

    Help fight food waste by getting involved with National Leftovers Day. Check out our recipes for leftovers, FoodWise Meal Plan and become part of the FoodWise community for tips, ideas and to share your leftover plans with others.

    Christmas Mince Pie

    Food Waste