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  • Our Community »  Green Villages

    green villages banner

    Hi Green Villages

    At Green Villages, we all about informing, nurturing and celebrating sustainable green villages in Sydney. We’re an initiative of the City of Sydney that aims to encourage our local residents and workers to reduce energy, water and waste, increase biodiversity and bring sustainability into their everyday lives.

    We offer a range of workshops, matching and environmental grants, and a host of community gardens, and also support a number of events throughout the year to bring sustainability to the masses, like the Garage Sale Trail.

    Our website holds a wealth of sustainability information and our Green Village News delivers a monthly dose of green ideas fresh to the inbox of our readers.


    In NSW alone, more than 1 million tonnes ($2.5 billion worth) of edible food is thrown away each year – a sad statistic indeed. If you’re game to watch it, feast your eyeballs on this Hungry Beast clip and see just how dispiriting our eating habits really are – including how a quarter of the food wasted in the first world could feed all the people starving in the world! And there are so many simple ways to reverse this trend.


    That every time we eat food, we give thought to everything that’s gone into getting it on to our plate – land, energy, water, transport, storage, marketing, natural resources, chemicals and more. Each morsel is important!


    That in the past few years a really passionate group of locals has come together as supporters of Green Villages. They’re contributing to our site, social media and newsletters, attending our workshops and events, and connecting together to share an endless range of bright ideas to make for a more sustainable Sydney.

    Die Happy

    A Thai spice fish curry whipped up by sustainable seafood champion Tom Kime of Fish & Co, with a healthy dose of lovingly grown stir fried greens from one of our local community gardens.


    Visit our website at to follow us on Twitter and sign up to our monthly enewsletter, Green Village News. While you’re there, take a tour around all the green tips and tricks and free workshops on offer.

    We also want to hear about all the good sustainable stuff you’re doing in Sydney, so we’d love you to pin on The Good Hood. Simply snap a photo of your Good and upload it to our map, then share it and see Good stuff going on around you in our city’s villages.

    Green Villages thumbnail

    The beginner's guide to planting a seed - video

    The City of Sydney Council's Green Villages project has put together a seriously great animation to make a seemingly complex task simple: growing your own food.
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    jared ingersoll thumbnail

    Sydney's green hero: Jared Ingersoll

    Jared Ingersoll's passionate, unpretentious approach to cooking has led him to champion sustainable, ethical produce. Green Villages caught up with the Danks Street Depot founder to ask the honest questions.
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    Home Grown Tomatoes thumbnail

    Home grown tomatoes in ten steps

    It's tomato growing season! There’s nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato, warm from the sun. Here’s Green Villages "how to grow your own" guide in ten small steps.
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    Kitchen Waste Compost

    Green Village's best composting tips

    When forty per cent of household waste is green waste and composting is just so satisfying, what good reason is there NOT to have a compost? Green Villages can't think of even one and here's why.
    Read more

    Worms thumbnail

    Wonderful worm farming tips

    Worms are an urban farmers's friend. Green Villages shows you how to turn your food scraps into rich organic fertilizer for your garden, and do your bit in diverting waste from landfill by adopting a worm farm.
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    Herb Pots thumbnail

    Be a balcony garden bandit

    Heard all the buzz about balcony gardens and hankering to get your hands dirty? Green Villages lists their top tips to getting started on your very own balcony.
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